Chinese New Year

A fantastic live brief - set by Plymouth councillor Chaz Singh and local Chinese food entrepreneur Lai-Yin Wong - celebrating the Chinese New Year/Chinese culture in Plymouth, resulting in four large banners displayed outside Plymouth College of Art.

Yr2 students submitted illustrations and after a shortlist of 12 designs, 3 were chosen (see above for Briony, Anita and Cosmo - the banner behind them designed by Illustration alumni Dom Tsoi.

See here for more info


I did't expect to be holding THE Shaun the Sheep today...thanks to Danny Heffer from Aardman Animation 

ADVICE from...Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien's top tip:  "Keep on working. Creativity's a muscle that needs to be flexed everyday."
(full interview here)

ADVICE from...Malika Favre

Illustrator Malika Favre advice for illustration graduates:

"Gaining knowledge of the industry, learning how to manage clients, deadlines and budgets is key to being successful. Talent is 10%, the rest is people skills, maturity, a good business sense and a controllable ego."

full interview here at Creative Boom

Mr Bingo was in today!!!

Here he is (signing our books) at the end of a great lecture/comedy routine entitled 'Do's & Don'ts of being a Creative'. Thank you Mr Bingo!